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Nomadic Cyber Human Gear List

Author’s Note! This article has been imported from my previous website. I wanted to preserve all of the old content as many people have found some value in it. There may be some broken links and or formating issues. If something isn’t right, please let me know and I’ll do my best to make an update.

The Internet seemed a little light on self-aggrandizing, pseudo-advertisements bragging about the author’s lifestyle and packing lists (see this, this, this, this and this for a few examples), so I decided to add one more.

Speaking of “light,” I think packing light is great. Not only is it fun to solve the puzzle of “what do I really need?” but the reduction in effort, stress, and “schlep” is always welcome when bouncing around the world.

I’m about to embark on a few weeks of living as a nomadic cyber human. The goal is to see the lower half of Argentina, all the while delivering on my consulting work. I’ve assembled a kit of gear that seems appropriate to support me through this adventure. While I’ve included the whole list at the end of the post, here are some topics I’d like to highlight. Hopefully, this list will help inspire your own, although everyone’s needs are slightly different.

Connectivity is Key

The most important thing needed to make this work is that I must access the great inter-webs. As such, I have a bevy of connectivity devices: Laptop WIFI, Ethernet adapters, a 3G modem on one cellular network, and an iPhone on another cellular network. This should be plenty to fill the gaps between hotel/hostel/airbnb internet.

Power is also critical to long-term, remote work, and so I borrowed the Hyperjuice power pack from my military spec computer case project to ensure I have a good full day of charge.

Did you wear that yesterday?

Yeah, I did, actually for the last few weeks. I decided to bring a single pair of pants, two shirts, two undies (one doubles as a bathing suit), two pairs of socks, and some warm layers. I can wear the pairs in alternate and wash one and let it dry overnight.

The fact is, I’m traveling, not putting on a fashion show, and also, who the fuck cares? So often, you end up wearing less than you packed anyway. It is the utility that is really important, especially when you are going from town to town all the time, and not lounging poolside at a resort (then I might bring something a little more fancy).

I’d like to eventually upgrade some of the clothing to more high-tech, science-fabric alternatives. Apparently, wool underwear is the new “hotness” because it is anti-microbial. Well, for now, I’ll just have to settle for good old cotton and cow skin.

Staying Fresh

Even though I’m not going to have a very broad wardrobe, I do plan on always being fresh as a daisy. You’ll note, I’ve spent some precious space on various miniaturized versions of toiletries. This will ensure I make it to the next camp, and ensure that I look like a somewhat civilized human being when I emerge from my coding nest to sip wine in the Rio Negro.

It seems to me that if you are fresh, you are more confident, and if you are more confident, you can handle adversity better. And on an extended trip in a foreign land, handling adversity is your full time job.

Packing List

Here is a run down of everything I’m bringing. I’ve removed brands, because I’m not trying to be Uncrate. Post a comment if you want to know what something is. A few of the items I’m currently wearing and so they, of course, are not in the picture.

An arrangement of my nomad packing list

  1. Medium messenger bag
  2. Wool shirt
  3. Plaid long sleeve shirt
  4. Blue short sleeve shirt (wearing)
  5. Grey t-shirt
  6. Black socks
  7. Grey socks (wearing)
  8. Bathing suit
  9. Pair of underwear (wearing)
  10. Blue jeans (wearing)
  11. Desert boots (wearing)
  12. Belt (wearing)
  13. Leather gloves
  14. Travel toothbrush
  15. Deodorant
  16. Headphones
  17. Nail Clipper
  18. Nose hair trimmer
  19. Sunglasses Case
  20. Sunglasses
  21. Comb
  22. USB 3g Modem
  23. iPhone 4s
  24. Camera charger
  25. Passport
  26. Passport cover
  27. Digital SLR
  28. 75-300mm Lens
  29. LED flashlight
  30. Pen
  31. Pen
  32. Permanent marker
  33. iPhone charger
  34. USB to Ethernet adapter
  35. Notepad/Documents folder
  36. MacBook Air 13"
  37. Cologne
  38. Shampoo
  39. Hair Gel
  40. Lotion
  41. Toothpaste
  42. Power pack
  43. Credit card hard case
  44. Wallet/money clip
  45. Pill box
  46. Power pack charging cables
  47. Power pack charger
  48. Ethernet cable
  49. Plug adapter
  50. Plug adapter
  51. Plug adapter
  52. Face wash
  53. MacBook charger
  54. iPhone charger cable
  55. Keyring carabiner
  56. Pocket knife (on keyring)
  57. USB Stick (on keyring)
  58. Leather jacket

Too many things? Missing something critical? Let me know below.

Jason Foxtravel