Never Stop Building - Crafting Wood with Japanese Techniques
Crafting Wood with Japanese Techniques

Redwood Table

Coastal Redwood Dining Table with Walnut Base

Inspired by two massive slabs of Redwood acquired on a journey in California, this dining table is really a pedestal for the amazing surface.  The base is realized in Walnut with a unique keyed miter joint to attach the legs. The commissioned table features a live edge along one side, while the secondary table is rectangular. 

The comissioned table features a live edge.

The sister table is mostly a rectangle.


Keyed Mitered Construction

The lower apron and legs are assembled using a unique "keyed miter" joint that forces the apron components into the tapered walnut legs. The whole base is assembled without any glue or fasteners. The finish is a light wax over hand planing. 


Floating Dovetail Tenon

Two White Oak scabs run the width of the underside of the table. Into these are attached a floating tenon allowing the table base to be wedged to the bottom of the table. This also allows for future disassembly for moving.