Never Stop Building - Crafting Wood with Japanese Techniques
Crafting Wood with Japanese Techniques


We are grateful for our clients who have put our faith in us to build beautiful things for them. Here are some kind words they have for us.


We are grateful for our clients who have put their faith in us to build for them. Here are some kind words they have for us.


Getting to watch our red wood table grow from a slab that Jason found in California, driving it across the country, and then putting so much love into transforming it into a piece of art that we get to sit at every night was amazing. We loved getting to see pictures of the progress and so appreciate the detail and care that he put into the table.

- Eric Saletel , Redwood Table


I have had the pleasure of working with Jason on a variety of natural building projects on both coasts. Jason is a modern day Samurai. Honorable, skilled, focused, resourceful, humble, unstoppable and yes...funny. He will never stop building! Consider yourself lucky if you get to work together.

- Robert Laporte , Co-founder of EcoNest Company


When we bought a 100 year old house with a great sunroom but no screens for the windows, we knew we'd need to get them custom made. Jason took the one original screen and made 11 beautiful duplicates that match the house perfectly. Im so glad he was able to respect the style and function of the room, and create something just as beautiful that will be around for another 100 years.

- Anna Millhiser, Sunroom Screens


Working with Jason was an excellent experience. I asked him to build me a media console for my modern, minimalist living space. Jason gave me several design options and incorporated my feedback before we settled on a final design. He sourced beautiful white oak boards for the console and built the piece using traditional Japanese joinery techniques. He produced an heirloom-quality piece of furniture that I enjoy looking at every day. Woodworking of this quality would be unobtainable from any contemporary furniture store - luckily I know Jason.

- Sam Karasik, Low Console with Screen


Jason went from concept to design to bench, to prototype and then production within a fraction of the time we had estimated. He was critical in insuring that we made our first contract deadline! Jason is an engineers engineer! We loved working with him!

- James L. "Rusty" Meadows II, Managing Director, Eyrus