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Crafting Wood with Japanese Techniques

Boyar Shultz Surface Grinder Restoration

A $200 barn find is transformed into a beautiful new machine. I take the whole thing apart and repaint, repair and replace any broken parts.

This Boyar Schultz surface grinder was purchased for a song. I agreed to restore it. Here is a reverse chronological build log. Here is a play list of the restoration process:


Surface grinder is re-assembled and put into operation:


All of the parts had their masking removed and reassembly began. Here are the bed and cross slide looking brand new: bed parts

I leveled the base side-to-side and front-to-back by placing a straight edge on two spacers on the grinder mounts. A machinists level ensured the base was quite level. leveling the base

The leveling bolts were de-rusted, sand blasted, then heated to 470 degrees for an hour. This caused them to uniformly oxidize to a purple/copper color. Then they were rubbed with oil for protection. Here they have been installed back into the painted grinder after some anti-seize has been applied. installed leveling bolt

Hand wheels were polished on the edges, then masked and given the same priming and painting. Here are the finished wheels. finished hand wheels

All parts received a good coat of Rustoleum Professional Smoke Grey Enamel, thinned per the instructions on the container. parts after half final coat


All parts were primed with Rustoleum "Rusty Metal" primer. base and grinder primed

New guard plates were made on the water jet. guard plates


The original motor plate. motor plate

The "before" picture. before

Picking up the old grinder. picking up the grinder